Sunday, June 14, 2009

a few photos from the bay area and an award!

Our family found this awesome structure when we were on our way to Pick up Karie and Brian from the air port, this is in Woodside california. We had to stop and take photos! And this LOVELY award was given to me from this lovely lady emily. Thank you Em!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Not me! Mondays!

A new cute little thing to do on those days, where honestly... it's just NOT like you to do these things :)

Slept in till 10:30am?! Not me!!!
Sat in jammies all day without brushing my teeth!? Not me....
jammed out to lollipop by Mika a million times?! not me.... ;)

Microwave troubles

I'm really not a HUGE fan of micro waves, but we got a REALLY nice Panasonic Stainless Steel Microwave for our wedding from my Aunt And Uncle. It's a very nice microwave and about 1 1/2 years into it's life, it just stopped working. We're pretty cheap people and don't want to go to get an estimation that costs $55! Do any of you have any ideas of what we should do?

Monday, June 1, 2009

update on our lives:

Kevin :)

lovely butt shot!

LOVELY!!! :)

We've had a very fun succesful type weekend:
I did my normal saturday morning hike with a friend, came down the mountain picked mike up and we met Casey at the Farmers Market, I happily chowed down a Nutella Crepe, some joe, and picked up fresh tomates, nectorines, and pickling cucumbers, I'm going to try and make my own pickles!

Then came home and made lunch for Mike and I. Casey text and asked if I'd like to come to her Grandma's house where they're living, and pick raspberries, I was overjoyed, grabbed a container and headed over: photos to follow. Her Grandma has an amazing back yard full of beautiful plants and fruits and herbs, I got a small mint root to transplant into a pot, so i could grow my own!

Casey helped me and together we must have gotten about 6-7lbs of raspberries! :) I went to rite aid on my way home and grabbed ice cream so we can delight in raspberries over ice cream. Then came home, packed my heart out for about 4 hours, we're pretty much done packing. Then showered, got all pretty and went out with Mike for a Date!
We ate an AMAZING dinner at Max's Bistro, then saw UP! WOW.... what a GREAT movie... such a good family/ date movie. And bring tissues! Even my husband cried, he rarley cries in movies, this one got him to shed a few tears. It's just a fantastic story of keeping your word, when it counts, being faithful to those you love, and it was just an all around feel good movie, with a TON of laughs :) I give this one two big thumbs up!
Sunday went to church, enjoyed the fellowship of my friends at lunch afterward at Dog House Grill :) Ate a YUMMY tri tip sandwich, the best in town in my oppinon, and onion rings, and my favorite Diet Dr. Pepper. Went Geo Caching with Shak and Andrew, found nothing :(

Then came home and went through all the JUNK and other things in the guest room, made a HUGE trip to the thrift store, many more to come. Then returned a very expensive Swamp Cooler to Home Depot got all the money back for it! YAY!

We then had a meeting at Andy and Sondra's for youth group, which ALWAYS are a blast and another great time of fellowship with believers, and a group of people I feel BEYOND blessed to have in my life. I love you guys so much, and CANNOT imagine working with anyone else as amazing as you all are. You ROCK. God has blessed me so much with you all!

THEN! Went swimming at Josh's house!! And found a tiny frog :) Named it Kevin, saved it from the crazies who wanted to put it on Anna's head. Then crashed in bed, and slept till ten this morning, only to wake up from a sweet text from my husband wishing me a good morning. I then went up and met him at 1130 for jamba juice and a visit to the dog park with our babies. and now I'm here enjoying some lovely worship music, a quiet house, and more boxes to fill NINE DAYS till we move... I cannot explain how insanly excited I am!!!!

selling things on craigs list:

Check em out if you live in the Fresno Area and need anything, let me know!