Friday, November 28, 2008

Email from my sister :) All is good!

Good Afternoon!!
I am writing to give great news about Brian: he was discharged from the hospital yesterday mid-afternoon; although he was given strict doctor's orders to rest for at least 3 more days, his fevers have stopped and he is on the mend!! We can only attribute this gracious gift to God! He held Brian and I in His hands throughout this very hard, long week. Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Cambodia. Although it is not a holiday celebrated here, a group of colleagues and I got together to prepare a meal. As Brian rested at home, we cooked the most traditional meal possible with limited ingredients: baked chicken, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. A group of 6 of us gathered to truly give thanks to God for our many blessings. Brian was able to eat 2 small plates of food, which is great because he has virtually not eaten for 6 days. It was a Thanksgiving to remember!!! Today, as I have tried to reflect back on this week, I have really realized God's peace was with me. I am a worrier, and although I had times of complete sadness and tears, I still felt the presence of God in my heart. As I write, I am in my classroom decorating for the Christmas season. I am listening to a CD by an old co-worker of mine, JJ Heller. She is a talented musician, and one of her songs really hit me today. I would like to share the lyrics with you, and hopefully encourage you wherever you are at in this sometimes hectic life.
I have unanswered prayers, I have trouble I wish wasn't there.I have asked a thousand ways, that you would take my pain away.I am trying to understand, how to walk this weary land.Make straight the paths that crooked lie, oh Lord before these feet of mine.When my world is shaking, heaven stands. When my heart is breaking, I never leave your hands.When you walked upon the earth, you healed the broken, lost and hurt.I know you hate to see me cry, one day you will set all things right.When my world is shaking, heaven stands. When my heart is breaking, I never leave your hands.
Please continue to lift Brian and I up in prayer. It could be another week or more until his full strength is regained, and until he is feeling normal again. We desperately need good nights of rest: after 6 horrible sleeps, we are beyond tired. Also, please pray that God would protect me against what B had; all it takes is for a mosquito to bite him, then transfer Dengue to me by biting me. We are trying to take all precautions against this happening. We are also still a bit unsure of what our insurance will cover from all this; since Brian was at 2 different medical facilities, we may have to pay more money than usual. Please pray for God's provision with this; we do have savings, but we were planning on using that to travel to Thailand over Christmas break. I cannot thank you all enough for your encouragement and prayers sent to us during this time. We truly could not have gotten through this without you. We love you all,-Brian and Karie

What a wonderful day!

We didn't have much planned for Thanksgiving, we had toyed with the idea of going two hours north to Michael's family's Ranch, but decided against going anywhere farther then just down the street. Plus they were serving goat, instead of Turkey, and he and I both REALLY wanted Traditonal Thanksgiving grub. So at church on Tuesday night, I was talking to my Associate Pastor's wife about how we weren't doing anything for Thanksgiving, and she said, " But I thought you were going to your husband's families house?!"
After telling her why we weren't, she got so excited and said, " Do you guys want to come to our house!? It's going to be packed, but we'd love to have you! I was going to invite you but you said you were going to the Ranch!"
So we excitidely accepted, and offered to bring mashed potatoes.

So we made ten lbs of mashed potatoes, and went over around 1:20pm, we were warmly welcomed and felt right at home. Dinner was ready about 30 minutes later, but before we sat down, we all stood in the living room and held hands, and Thanked God for all the Things He has done. Then we went around and said what we are thankful for, I said " Being here, and two years of marriage" :)
Every other adult, things about how wonderful it was to be there, how it felt like family, how it was going to be a lonely thanksgiving, but look what God provided...
What a wonderful way to start the day!
Dinner was AMAZING, Turkey, Ham, Taters, green bean cassarole, rolls, sweet potatoes, two kinds of stuffing, corn, gravy, and Cranberry Sauce... all so amazing.
I sat at their long table eating, and just looked around, I felt so warm and loved. My pastor said over and over again through out the day how much he loved us, how thankful he was Michael married me, and how thankful he was to have us at his home. I love andy and sondra... They're amazing.
I wanted to cry.

Then we played games, had wonderful pie and cheesecake, cookies and coffee, nuts, and soda. It was amazing.

We didn't leave till almost midnight :) what a memory!

I am thankful!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Please pray...

My sister and her Husband Brian are currently missionaries in Cambodia, both teachers in a school in so much need, Children from the streets, and orphanages, they are a light in a dark place. My prayer request is for my Brother in Law, he came down with a very life threatening, painful fever, three days ago, and his situation is only worsening... He's currently in the hospital, and is having a hard time functioning. Please pray the Lord's compassionate provision and grace, healing and health, and anything else the Lord puts on your heart:
Here's were you can leave comments on their blog, or keep up with their many travels and adventures. Here is Karie's latest email:
Thank you for your prayers
Dear Family and Friends-
Brian was admitted to a hospital this morning. It is Monday here, and I left for work. I had arranged a co-worker to drive him to the clinic for his 4th time of getting blood drawn; apparently, they saw something in him that warranted the desire to admit him. He will be admitted to a hospital almost right across the street from our school, and a 5 minute bike ride from our house. Brian's blood work has shown his white cells and platelets continuing to go down, and this is not good. Last night, he woke me up in the middle of the night and he could not even physically get to the bathroom. He has almost blacked out numerous times, and has been complaining of trouble breathing. It is a bit of a relief to me that someone with more medical knowledge than myself will now be monitoring him; it was a scary night last night for us.
Here is how we would appreciate your prayers:
For the medical insurance we have here to cover these expenses as we are on a TIGHT budget
For Brian's doctors and nurses to be knowledgeable and helpful as he transitions to a new hospital
For strength for Brian's body to heal through this unpleasant sickness
For me: I am scared, very alone feeling, and SO saddened by his current state.
For both Brian's and my relationship with the Lord to GROW during this time, more than ever, as we can only lean on Him for our strength and hope.Thank you, again, for all the encouraging emails and words of prayer. I will print them all out and bring them to B after school today. We
love you all,-Karie

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Searching Searching Searching...

I have only found one home in Fresno that I really REALLY liked. And it was WAY out of reach. Not price wise, but just TOO much work.

And I feel hopeless, like I'm being WAY too picky.

I don't want a new home, I don't want a trendy home, I don't want a home in neighborhood that looks like EVERYONE else's! I want something neat, something people will remember,good memories :) and I cannot for the LIFE of me, find anything ANYTHING like that in this area... as you know from my post I am still in love with ANYTHING Montana, and would LOVE to move there, have wanted to for years now. So i decide to tease myself and look into some homes for sale in Bozeman, where i want to live:


IT HAS A ROCK WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And another sweet one:

Charming and rustic 2 bedroom log cabin on an acre bordered by Pitcher Creek. Beautiful mountain setting, yet just 2/10 of a mile from Bear Canyon interstate access. Updated kitchen with tiled counters. hardwood floors throughout.

I can just see Michael and I rocking on wooden rocking chairs with our morning coffee, gazing upon miles and miles of trees and high mountains...

oh yeah, we have a creek in our backyard............................

Thursday, November 20, 2008

For Amy:

Check out what it says above the pretty photo

Feeling a bit more normal

As some of your might not have known, both my husband and I were in a wedding this last friday, he being the Best Man and I the Matron of Honor :) And everyone kept asking at Church and around, if I was feeling back to normal yet, and I'd say, Yeah! I am, I never really felt out of wack...

It hit me like a TON of bricks on Tuesday how "out of wack" I really did feel... I looked around at my messy dirty home, and freaked out morningly about how I couldn't find anything to wear becuase of the LOADS of laundry that I need to do/ go through and put away, Constantly stared at the GIANT pile of gifts for the bride and groom invading my living room, and crashed nightly becuase of how EXAUSTED I really was.... woke up every morning feeling so not normal, like this moring, I walked into the kitchen to make breakfast for my husband and I, and could NOT for the life of me, decide what to make, Nothing sounded good... NOTHING.
And thankfully, for the last two nigths, I've made healthy fun dinners, my husband did the dishes last night, and we've done 3 loads of laundry tonight, I am about to put some cookies in the oven, and even though my husband is really sick right now, I'm FINALLY feeling back to normal...
It was an amazing wedding and I couldn't be happier for the bride and groom! It was SO LOVELY! I am, on the other hand, missing Montana more and more daily. I feel the need to move there, get out of the city and head north!
I was watching Paula Deen today at work with Ben, (4), He LOVES cooking shows :)
and out her kitchen window, all you could see was swaying trees... it just made me LONG for Sweet Montana beauty outside my homes windows again... Lord let YOUR Will be done, not mine. Enjoy your Thursday afternoon! Office at 9pm :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Missing the Snow...

* My Mamma and Me in the Oregon Snow 3 years ago*

I think I am a happier person in the snow. I lived in Bozeman MT for about a year and a half, and I learned to drive in the snow when I was 16, and I love the snow... something about it quiets the world. Puts a blanket on the noise and busyiness I so dislike. I wish I wish I lived back in Montana where it snows... I miss it so. I wish I could wake up on Christmas morning to the snow, build a snowman with my husband, and someday with my children, I wish I could cozy up to a warm fire on a snowy evening with a great book and a cup of hot cocoa.

Cheers to my readers who live in the snow, I shall live through your photos when you post them, and may I say, please, enjoy it. You have no idea how blessed you really are.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh yes...

I am sitting down at my dinning room table, with a glass of wine, (thank you Amy) listening to Josh Groben's Noel Cd, making my Christmas cookie exchange invites...
I'm feel the Christmas spirit!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I know this is a bit early but....

Here is my list for Christmassy Type Lovelies:

I need to:

  • Buy paper/ goodies for our home made Christmas Cards.
  • Purchase fabric and wooden circles for our homemade Christmas gifts ( not telling what they are because some of you are getting one)
  • Begin making Christmas cards and gifts.
  • Plan out gift baskets for my neighbors
  • Buy and create invites for my 2nd annual Christmas Cookie Exchange Party!
  • Pick out recipe for the cookie i'm going to make for my party, and the appetizer and drink recipes for my party!

Love List: November

#1: Nothing warms me and my throat
like a lovely cup of tea.

#2: Friends, this time of year is a wonderful
time to have friends over and enjoy going
to coffee on a cold evening with a friend.

#3 Fabric Stores/ Fabric: I was in Joanne's yesterday
picking out the fabric for the Christmas gifts I'm making
this year and it really excited me!
#4: The fact that Christmas is just around the corner
if you know me well, or want to know me better, you'll
know/learn that I absolutly am CRAZY about Christmas,
Morgan, I totally LOVE that you're putting your tree up
next week... that's just lovely. :)

#5: Dresses, with boots, tights and a cute coat, what
would be more fall like!?

#6: House Slippers: I love them so much, i'll give you a
cute example: Tonight I was getting dinner ready and my husband
walked in and demanded I take off my shoes, he put my slippers
down and told me he didn't want my feet to get cold :)
He knows how much I love them, what a wonderful husband I have!

#7: Soft Thick Quilts/ Blankets: Need I say more?

#8: Starbucks has a new drink out this season, and I'm
hooked! Truffle Espresso. Try it.

#9: Stockings/ Tights, SO FALL! So cute!

#10: Hats. I boughts a neat hat at Ross a few days ago
it's tweed, rail road(ish) and I love it, I'm not usually a hat
person, but I'm trying, thanks to Amy Beth who wears hats
often, and beautifully.

#11 Boots: I SO long for a cute pair of flat boots
Post your own love list for November! I would LOVE to see what everyone favors in this lovely fall month!

As disapointed as I am...

I had a GREAT day! Thank you Lord for Fall!

I did my part to vote for who I thought would be the better of the two presidential canidates, and to my dismay, that man did not win, but alas... God has a plan! Do not fear! I feel like being concerned, but I know better!
Hope you all are recovering from Election nicely.


Monday, November 3, 2008

The white hook is in our guest bathroom!

I switched the curtains from our room to the living room and vise versa

my new key rack!

my old one!

Jessica and Trace:


The invites I made for Casey's Bachlorette Shower!

Dinner with Scott,Amy,Aleks,and Rachael.

This awesome little covered wooden plate was found at the Thrift store for $5!

No dinner is complete without appetizers!

And favors! I tried out my new skill: Calligraphy!