Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today :)

Here's a photo document of our Saturday!
SO...I HAD to redo my LAME yellow lined legal pad 30 days of fitness list becuase Talia, who mind you, has THREE GIRLS,one a new born. had to go and get all cute on us... Let me show you what I've come up with! Of course utalizing my new scrapbooking treasures!

my encouragment!

view of my desk

first day of my fitness journey, hiked 1.5 hrs! YAY ME! I'm starting off great!!!!

On the way back from the hike... Luc was excausted!

falling asleep :) Can't get enough of these boys!

view from the road- Millerton Lake

ugh. the cuteness!

my girl and I! The dogs hiked the whole thing with us! they did GREAT! :)

I am SO happy after a good hike! :)

Well hope your weekends are off to a great start! Take Care! God bless you!

Friday, May 15, 2009

that's right! 30 days of flippin fitness!

Well then! Let me tell you! I am SO stinking motivated to loose weight and eat better! It really helps to have motivation and someone to keep you accountable to those goals. I saw this 30 flippin' Days of Fitness on ThoseCorwins and made my own! But... not only am I keeping track of fitness, I have also, for the last two days, been tracking every bite I take and drink I sip through out the whole day. It REALLY helps, just simply doing that, becuase you're accountable to yourself, and I'm REALLY good at guilting myself into doing the right thing, so counting my calories really motivates me!
I'm going to keep you all updated, it won't be daily, I have a life...
but it will be more like weekly. So I hope this motivates you all! :)
Take Care!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Let me update you!

Our lives are so blessed! And thankfully I've photo documented a lot of it on my phone... uploading them on here is the part I rarley take time to do. So enjoy these many photos of our lives here in the last week or two. God is good.

Every so often I babysit for a handful of Kids at our friend Darryn and Katie's church in Clovis. Mike and I decided that whenever I chose to babysit, that the money I made, could go to buying paper goods for my new hobbie, scrapbooking. It's a good enough chunk of change to go and buy lovely things at Pocketfull of Treasures in clovis. Let me show you my most recent buys! I'm very excited about them all! And once I finish our wedding scrapbook I will try and get it on my blog!
i love these swirly adorable stickers!
if you know me, you know I adore nature, God's creation causes such wonder and thankfulness in me, and I love birds, fresh produce, and leaves... you'll see a theme here :)

got this " Home sweet Home" paper, it's going to be filled with photos of Mike and I, it will be at the end of the album, and I'll write how I feel home when I'm in his arms. :)

birds... leaves.... AH I love it!

i think this is a peach tree paper.... no matter, i adore it.

i loved this paper the minute i saw it, and it's practically the same pattern as our couch cover! same colors too! :)

And some photos of life:

buddy and the bunny chloe, at work

cinco de mayo! Tuesday night at youth group, we had a cinco de mayo nacho libre party, it was a blast, and guess who dresses up as nacho!? My man! That's right ladies, hands off, that's my luchador!

Girls in the youth group, Dani, Tiana and I, tuesday night. Celebrating with Tiana! She's now %100 cancer free!!!!!!!!!! God is so faithful!

my boy :)

new ironing board cover from Ross! $5!

monkeying around at the Zoo friday for Ben's 5th birthday!

my wonderful husband and his lily girl... she rarely leaves his side.

my men :)
Mike and I went on a date at the park right around the corner, university park, my new favorite spot! We had tacos and artichokes and the dogs were off their leashes and did pretty well!

the tea party and and I hosted and my home a few saturdays ago. it was so wonderful... all sorts of lovely ladies in hats and dresses, formal tea treats and a beautiful setting :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

NEW HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We FINALLY put down a deposit on an apartment today! YAY I cannot even tell you how happy and excited I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Talking to Karie

my silly sister :)
matchie matchie!

line dancing!

snow in oregon,

beach photos with nate franklin, gift for our parents

brian and karie in cambodia last week

my dear sister who lives in cambodia currently, teaching children

the girls! my kitty and my sissy

Karie and I sharing photos from my trip to Fiji

dinner with Jackie,

saying goodbye to karie in the air port.

SF for my birthday 2004

the week I got back from Fiji

Mom's wedding 2005

My dear sister, one of my very best friends, we've shared so much together and I cannot imagine someone more enjoyable, hilarious, kind, selfless, and genunie to spend my life with! All the memories we've shared, the good the bad, we've gone through it all together. I love you so much Sister. Bless you on this day as we celebrate your wonderful joyus birth!
your little sister!
Happy birthday my dear sister!