Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trip 2010!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaaahhhhmazing view!
Someone drew in the skateboard
We're standing 300 feet above this view
Water fall

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I love my Pop

If I could sum up my Dad in one saying, this would be it

I truly have been BEYOND Blessed with an amazing earthly Father. My Dad has ALWAYS loved us kids unconditionally... And if you have a parent who has loved you unconditionally you know what this kind of love feels like, it heals, it mends, it grows, it cherishes and blesses it's receiver.
My wedding day :)

April 16th my dad's bee day!

My dad and I on a mission trip in Mexico!!

He has continually support all of us kids in whatever we do, missions trips, hobbies, sports, He never missed a Regatta of mine or my sisters when we Rowed in high school. Never missed a school play, He was there every time with a dozen roses in hand. I knew I was support no matter what I did. And that kind of security made me want to fly.
But I also can appreciate my Father for giving us boundaries and rules, making sure we knew not to mess with the rules. I felt secure because of that too. and Loved knowing that someone would care enough about me to set rules for me.
My Dad being a goof on 4th of July :)

he he :) A kid at heart my Dad is :)
My Dad taught us to be kids at heart, helped us learn to LOVE God's creations, being an avid mountaineer and hiker, back packer and lover of the mountain and Yosemite, My dad taught us to breeth deeply the joys of nature. I am beyond gracious for this joyous gift my Dad gave to me.

My dad and brother in law cutting down a Christmas Tree

Cutting the turkey at thanksgiving

My Dad has a servants Heart. He is one of the kindest most down to earth people you'll ever know, His heart is bigger then the ocean.

My sister Shelly and My Dad

My sister Karie and my Dad, this Christmas photo was taken and sent to me when I was on my missions trip in Fiji!

Karie and My Dad

My niece's wedding in Az, Karie, Dad and Me
Dad being silly :)

Dad and I yesterday for Father's day tea :)

Another thing i love so dearly about my Dad is that He loves doing the things we love to do, just because he loves us. We went shopping often together when i was in High school and my Dad delighted in seeing me find things i loved, pairing outfits and accessories and seeing the joy on my face when I found a piece of clothing I loved. He loves going to tea with his girls, my Father delights in the finer things of life, and he has so graciously passed that down to his children.

My father loves music. When we were small babies and toodlers, My dad had a very special time with me when I was ready for bed, he'd hold me and sit our giant rocking chair and have " Rock and Talk" time with us, he'd play classical chamber music or instumental music, some to this day, holds true memory to me, to the point where it makes me cry because my heart remembers it.

My dad gifted me a healthy and robust love for imagining things, he read often to us and at night when I'd get ready for bed as a young girl, He tell us lots of stories, stories from my Dad were rich in details, always had a moral and something to learn from, and were FULL of color, scent, light, and joy...

I could talk for hours about how richly blessed I am, beyond ANYTHING I could purchase, see, experience, know... because my Dad loved me, He was radiant in His care and concern for me. I am who I am today because he Loved me.

Lots of FANTASTIC PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Dad and sister going to the Great Gatsby Picnic

Harvest Festival 06

My dad :)
Moved to Fresno!!!
Packing my stuff at my Dad's House in Los Gatos

Farmers Market 6-19-10

Harvest Festival 2008

Harvest Fest. 08

My sweetie and I Harvest Fest '08

Sister in Law Jessica and I

Father's Day Tea 2010


Other News:
Taqueria Taqueria Tlaquepaque Willow Glen

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brownie Recipe!!!

This cute girl over here, posted this recipe the other night and with an upcoming party, I thought I'd try them!!

Three ingredients:
1 c. water, 1 can black beans, 1 boxed brownie mix!

Add H2o beans to blender or food processor

Blend well

Add to brownie mix
Mix well!
Bake @ 350' for 20-25 minutes! Enjoy! They turned out pretty good!!!!