Monday, December 31, 2012 Bring it on

2-will become one 6.1.13
0-regrets looking back on my past. God will use my past/has used it for His glory and my good
1- of June wi be the best day of my life
Will be the best day yet.
3- jobs :( it will all be worth it when I'm on the beaches in Mexico with my Husband on june 2nd

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I have the privilege of saying...

I'm soon going to marry the man of my dreams!!!
Rory asked for my hand in marriage Friday October 12th in the rain in front of an old blue barn. I'm so stoked. He is going to be the best husband. God is good. And I want HIS glory in our marriage!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Clovis fest 2012!

Living downtown Clovis is such a blast!! There always seems to be something going on, summer Friday evening farmers markets , winter fest, antique fair twice a year, big hat days, wine night, and this weekend, Clovis Fest! I picked up some local raw honey, three beautiful sets of earnings for three gal pals of mine, they all have birthdays days apart, and beautiful bracelets! From a ministry I'm more then happy to support! But the best part is, early morning lift of the Hot Air Balloons. Balloon Fun Fly!! My roommate and I have made this tradition. 630a amazing giant hot air balloons set up,as people, lots of woolen gather to gaze. It's lovely.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kings canyon Nat'l forest

Saturday 9-1 we hiked Big Badly mountain with our friends, Seth & Rachel :) here's the evidence!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Starting over

Today I'm starting over. It's nice and refeshing knowing I get to. It's great knowing each day is new and His grace is new each morning.

Rory bought us plane tickets to go see my lovely sister & her hubs, in Oregon in a little over a month, for my 27th birthday!! My sister is an amazing photographer, so I thought I'd take advantage of that and have photos done of Rory & I. Knowing that, and knowing how I need goals, short & long term, I've decided to go gungho and jump back onto that Paleo Bandwagon! I've only lost 10lbs total, which isn't much, when looking at overall goals and the time spent. I've been very faithful to working out & watching what I eat, but I need to go hardcore.

My goal, by the time we land in Portland on Oct. 11th, is to be 10lbs lighter. I also have a goal to not cheat. They say cheating is important in a diet, shoot, I've said cheating is important in dieting, but I don't know how much I agree with that anymore. I need to stick with paleo, full force, no cheating. I'm going to set my bar high, and say for the next month and week(ish) I'm not going to cheat. I'll keep you updated with progress and photos. Ten lbs makes a big difference.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why I love Rory.

Tonight my boyfriend told me he had a surprise for me. He came over & gave me a small leather bag. Inside it was nail polish & a set of nail stamps. If you have never heard of it, don't worry, you're in good company. I hadn't either till about two months ago. Rory & I went to his friends house, a girl he went to H.S. with, for Her birthday party. In her spare room, she had a gorgeous display of over 60 nail polish Colors, organized in order of shades! I was so overjoyed. If you know me at all, you would know I ADORE painting my nails on my days off. So then she proceeds to share with me her nail stamping collection. I'd never heard of such a thing. They were small silver disks, with designs & Patterns. She had a binder full of them. I was curious & she told me how they worked. I was so excited.

So when Rory brought these over tonight, I was sooo blessed. He is an amazing guy. Here are the results of playing around with them! So, if you wanna come over & play, let's set a date :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paleo Update (9 weeks in):

Hello no one...
apparently not a single person reads my blog. I care not. this is personal and lovely to read later on.

Let me update you on my Paleo Journey!

How's it going?:
I've lost 10lbs so far. Not as much as i'd have liked, but i'm much healthier than I ever have been. Coconut oil, flax seeds and lots of veggies grace my shelves. I cook with mostly veggies and lean meats. I've cut down on fruits. The first few weeks, I'd cheat maybe 5-6 times a week, I'm still allowing cheats. Recently, because of finances, I've had to allow more then that. Unfortunately it isn't cheap to eat Paleo, but I try as much as I can, to eat clean and "healthy" when not cooking Paleo.

Resources/ Recipes:
I have learned so many new tricks and recipes on this journey. Surprisingly Instgram has been a huge resource, I follow people on there that cook Paleo/ Have very healthy lifestyles. Their photos and blog links have provided lots of help and inspiration. Here are just a few ideas/blogs

This week I cooked this, I'm planning on cooking this & this during the upcoming week.

She has been a huge help :)

Google has been a huge resource of course :)

I've popped over here a few times. She is mainstream and offers her books at some costcos!

Speed Bumps:

Work, Work, Work. Starbucks closes make it very hard for me to follow my lifestyle choices, also working in home as a nanny with LOTS of non-paleo choices. This is ALLLLLL about self control < working on that.
Boyfriend does help AT ALL. He comes into town on the weekends and a world I don't normally give into, opens up < money to go out :o) and a fun person to do that with! Ekkk. This will take time to mature into.


Paleo is great, but it's like a sad single person without it's better half, working out!!!!
If you had to choose one, I'd say don't ,do both! But if you can only choose one right now because of real life stuff like financial reasons, time, etc. grab some workout videos at home or jog a few laps around the block. Don't do one without the other. They were meant to be together.
I work out as much as i possibly can. I run now. let me repeat that. I run now. I hated runners before I started running. Now i crave it. Literally, I was driving home from work yesterday and I craved it.
I also do quite a few muscle training classes and cardio classes throughout the week, at my gym. I do free weights a LOT too. I love the gym. It's my 2nd home, make it yours.

FIRST MOST IMPORTANT NOTE Spirituality Plays a huge role in this journey of mine, I wouldn't be where I am without Christ. He is the solid Rock I stand. Without Him, I'd be laying in a pile of onion rings and Oreos somewhere scary :) I'm thankful for prayer, my Savior and a community of people around me who support healthy eating and me! :)

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Friday, June 8, 2012


Todays the day folks. I start eating the way I should!! Im going to track as MUCH of my journey on here as I go. My meals, failures, plan, weight loss, gym sesh, & more!! Im SO stoked and ready. Nothing is possible without Christ. Please pray for me as I go.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Life lately

Life has been rich lately. Lots of sunshine, tanning, swimming, festivals, and trips. We went out of town to see my family Easter Weekend. Rory met my Momma for the first time & my brother Layne and His wife Jen. Friday night my pop & I took Rory to our favorite Mexican food place. We  also really enjoyed going to the coast, Santa Cruz to be exact, for the afternoon. We rode the giant dipper & played on the bumper cars at the Boardwalk! Which of course had to be accompanied by a corn dog & garlic fries. We strolled around Dt and enjoyed the sc hippies. We had Easter brunch with my mom and bbq'd sundaes night with my whole family.

I'm really looking forward to this summer. Feels like summer here, it was 94 yesterday! Our summer is going to be filled with swimming, Bbqs, smoothies, farmers markets, hiking & lots of lake time. What a great summer we have planned!

Monday, March 12, 2012

A day at the lake with the man of my dreams

Rory has the week off, so we took the "kids" (dogs) up to manzanita lake up in North Fork. We enjoyed sun bathing, Rory took a dip in the cold water, we boulder jumped and hiked a bit, and Rory fished. The weather was on and off chilly a bit of sun popping through. Overall a lovely monday off!