Monday, March 12, 2012

A day at the lake with the man of my dreams

Rory has the week off, so we took the "kids" (dogs) up to manzanita lake up in North Fork. We enjoyed sun bathing, Rory took a dip in the cold water, we boulder jumped and hiked a bit, and Rory fished. The weather was on and off chilly a bit of sun popping through. Overall a lovely monday off!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Weekend with Popa

My papa came down to spend the weekend with me and meet Rory for then first time! We enjoyed antiquing, dinner with the boyfriend, we shared so many laughs, and stories. Lots of tears as I shared the wonderful gift I had found in the man my Dad would meet the Next day. I took my Dad to the restaurant where I first met Rory. He was tickled! We needed this weekend my Dad & I. It renewed in us both Hope. For the future, for what's to come. God is a good and faithful God. He rebuilds the broken, makes beauty out of ashes. My Dad, brought to tears, heard that hope in me.

Life according

Life is a journey. I've been on and off sick for about 2 months now... I finally feel like im on the tail end of it. Praise God. But I've still enjoyed God's blessings through it all. Enjoy the photos.