Friday, October 29, 2010

Fixation Friday!

go down two posts... can't get that video out of my heart. I'm fixated.

Does the person create the journey, or does the journey create the person?

I'm such a dreamer, a song or a video will cast me off into this unknown world of rivers and light cast through soft cloth, children laughing, and long cool meadows of grass, hanging lanterns, kites of many colors, soft guitar music streaming through the air, hands held out open and high, thoughtful slumber and deep day dreaming, let me paint a picture for you. sunsets breeze, strong mountains, the feeling of being completly alone... and embracing it in all... of it's glory.eyes wide open in wonder. steam rising from cold waters. feeling the earth in my bare hands, the cool of the ground on my bare feet...

Louis Vuitton Core Values [where will life take you?]

I just love this commercial... the music, the light, the faces and feet, the beauty of freedom, the glory of God in our world... ok i'll take one ticket roundtrip, around the world!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anna's Bridal Shower!

I co-hosted a bridal shower this past Sunday for a dear friend, Anna. Her wedding is November 20th, and I'm happy to say I'm one of her bridesmaids! :)
She's been a true dear friend to me in the last few years and the good Lord has truly given me a companion in her. She met the love of her life Jeremy about a year and a half ago, and God has truly blessed them!! I was honored to shower her with blessings this past Sunday! Here's to you soon to be Garrison Two!