Saturday, October 17, 2009

on my list "to do!"

I have been saving up some blouses that I either don't want anymore, or think would be better as one of these cute girly dresses! I am really excited to delve into making my children's clothes before I have kids.
Speaking of preparing for Children before we have them, and no I'm not pregnant, Michael and I went to a Positive Disciplining Class this morning from 9-12. It was taught by a woman who I babysit for on Tuesdays, She's a child psychiatrist in a few different schools in the South valley. She found me on and just needed someone to watch her two girls one day a week. I applied and took the job, my first day is this Tuesday, but she said if I was going to work for her, I needed to take the class that she teaches, so Michael and I went. It was very excellent for us to start talking about Kids before we have to be put in situations in which we don't handle correctly. We discussed the class on our way home, and found that most of the class was positive, a few things we would do differently but no child theory works completely for everyone. We also don't know what our children will be like, so we will know better how to raise them, once we know what kind of people they are. but to discuss how we will parent before we become parents. It's like premarital counseling, so VERY necessary. So I will defiantly post photos if I get around to making the girls dresses. Hope you are have a LOVELY weekend! Relax and enjoy time off!!!

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