Thursday, June 3, 2010

bringing back the LOVE LIST!!!!!!!!!

Six things to be SO thankful for in the Sixth month of the year:

1. My amazing husband, Tuesday night was amazing, Farmers Market, Boba, Doughnuts, Holding hands, Home made Pizza, candlelight dinner, Italy Puzzle. Wednesday afternoon I came home to these:
This morning as I was making our whole wheat french toast, drizzled in organic maple syrup, strawberries and organic powdered sugar :) My husband came into the kitchen and said, " I appreciate you, thank you for making my breakfast."
:D I AM BLESSED!!!!!!!!

2. My family. My dad sent me a text the other day that said this, " Rach, my heart is SO full of love for you!" while talking on the phone with me this morning and said, " You are so great at appreciating the little moments in life, don't loose that."
My sister, is about 7 days away from her last day of her 4th year of teaching. I'm SO proud of her... she's great.

3. Three months till we hike half dome!!!! I CANNOT wait to get to the top of that rock again!

4. Three weeks till we leave on our vacation!!!!! We'll be headed to Washington, Idaho, and my favorite, Montana!

5. My first sale on ETSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to my dear friend who made a custom order, I was asked to be free and create, and i did :) Thanks for the artistic freedom Justine. It was a joy and blessing!!! I created her a Noah Head Band titled, " My heart is stitched to yours." Made in honor of her soon to be born son Noah.
It's going off to Tahoe in the mail today!!!
I'll take ANY custom orders in my shop! Mother Daughter head band sets, baby head bands... etc.
"My Heart is stitched to yours" Hair Band

The expectant Momma :)

6. They rock.... they're currently taking over my pandora. encouraging my head band creativity

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