Thursday, August 12, 2010

Half Dome in 22 Days!

Trip with Scott and Amy!
This photo was taken when we brought our friends Scott and Amy up with us, we all had every intention of hiking to the top, Scott and Amy made it, but Michael and I, didn't. We made it to the top of Nevada, but not any farther. We learned a lot from this trip, what to pack and what NOT to pack. We need to bring more water next time, workout a LOT more before hand next time.... the list goes on :D needless to say, we're giving her another go around in 22 days!
our annual valentines day trip to Yosemite Valley, half dome behind me. My hubbie Michael proposed to me in YV, and my grandparents met there, my great great grandpa was the stage coach leader for the valley way back in the day... so my love affair with this place in my blood. We go there about every 3 months... :D

The dome at sunset

Taking our friend Lindsay there for her first time!!

Half dome in all it's glory!

View from the top
Michael, our friends Jeremy and Anna, and my little sister in law Jessica, and myself, will be hiking HALF DOME, in Yosemite Nat'l park in 22 days!!!! I hiked this in the Summer of 04 with my Dad. The trip I took that summer would be my Dad's last hike up the Dome, He has hiked half dome about 20 times... and my first hike. It was very meaningful and I look forward to talking with him about our trip this year! He'll be very proud :D My love affair with this valley goes beyond saying. I cannot put into words what this place means to me. If we ever move away from CA, this will be what I miss most, after the people of course :D

I look forward to posting photos and stories about my soon to be second time up half dome! I've been working my BUTT off in the gym, stair master, hill tread mill, leg weights, counting calories, all for this trip. I've had numerous dreams about it, and i stay up late thinking about it... I'm obsessed :D Hey, it's a healthy obsession right?


Uncanny Colleen said...

I just checked the calendar to see how many days you have left! Two more weeks!

Seriously, I can tell that you love it there. You're contagious! The closest that I have ever seen to a mountain is in El Paso, Tx. I just GoogleEarthed to see where Half Dome is and momentarily considered making Larry bring me there to try it!

Maybe someday!

I will be waiting for the pictures in a few weeks!

Emily said...

Can't wait to see your pics and hear your story! I have never done Half Dome before, but I have done the Panorama Trail from Glacier Point to the valley floor.

RachelRuelas said...

Thanks for caring Collen :D It's an unbelievable place... we adore God's creation and I'm GLAD it's bleed off on ya sister :D Nice to meet you!!1

Emily, isn't Yosemite just dreamy? I will post TONS of photos :D

RachelRuelas said...