Monday, September 19, 2011

nutting to it butt to do it!

"Get it girl!" has been my motto these last few lame, I know. Don't judge too harshly. I need something to get me going!
As I'm sure some of you saw, Groupon or Living Social, or valley daily deals.... had BCOR Fitness for just $30!!!! Usually 209 doll hairs!

I jumped on that like a fat kid jumps on birthday cake!

Ironic. Or not? My birthday is coming up here in a few weeks....

I am going to start up with BCOR soon, and as I do, I'm going to jump back on the Paleo band wagoner.

I started a modified version of Paleo in January of this year, and I lost close to 40 lbs. I've maintained most of that weight loss. Praise God. But I'm not nearly where I'd like to be. So I needed a kick back into my fitness routine. With three jobs, It's really tough to find the time. But we make time for things that are important to us, and my health has REALLY taken a back seat these last 6 months. Can't do that any longer. Life isn't long enough to wait till " next week, next month, or when this big thing in my life changes"

No more excuses.
I Thank God for bringing me back to this place. No other time in my life will I have this much freedom and time to focus inward and outward ;) on myself.

So here's to Paleo.

Here's to another 40 lbs!!!! I cannot wait to post more photos!!!


Karie Ann said...

I saw the "get it girl" girl at the gym today and thought of you. I am proud of your dedication and accomplishments!! GET IT GURRRL!

RachelRuelas said...

dang. maybe if she passes out too much from working out one day, you can snatch that shirt off her sweaty back!
:D Thanks sissers!