Thursday, February 23, 2012

My sweet Valentine

The sunday prior to Valentines Day, Rory's boss, called and told him He'd e going out of town, about three hours away, to Oakland for the week. This of course,  made me so sad thinking I'd spend our first Valentines days alone. My heart hurt, but Rory assured me, he'd make me feel special, even from three hours away. And make me feel amazing, did he! I woke up Valentines day, and around 7, for work, and saw a text something like this, " When you rise, check the entry way." I bolted and looked outside and found 6 long stem res roses on my porch. Included in that was a love poem Rory wrote for me and a gift certificate for the nicest spa, for an hour long massage! Something I'd been mentioning I'd been wanting, for awhile! He heard me and blessed me abundantly by buying me that gift card. Little did I know what else He had in store for that day. He sent another dozen red roses to my work. And at around six o clock I got a knock on the door. My handsom boyfriend stood at my door with even more red roses! He drove three hours back to Fresno to take me to dinner.... He said as I hugged Him, "You really didnt think I'd miss our first Valentines Day did you?" He took me to the restaurant where we met, and we shared an amazing steak dinner. I feel, to this day, almost a month later... Amazingly cherished. God keeps whispering His love for me, through my sweet Rory. Thank you Jesus for your gifts.

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