Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Never thought I'd say this... but

I really missed Fresno while I was gone on my road trip! Some of you might have thought this would happen, and it did.
About day three of our time in Montana, I was feeling this need, a craving of sorts, for people, & not just any people! I had seen my fair share of people while I was in Montana, but that didn't suffice. I needed my friends from Fresno, my church.
Those who I've spent hours and hours with, laughing, bonding, crying with, being held accountable to, growing with, praising and growing in the Lord with, sharing my burdens and pains with, those who have been there for me since before I even moved to Fresno, those who helped me get through my wedding stress, and who rejoiced with me on that special day, those who have seen me go through job after job, and who have encouraged me through all of that, those are who God has placed in our lives for a HUGE reason.

I needed those people on that day in Montana, not for any specific reason, but becuase those people are my family, my life here. And it's then that my heart began to soften for Fresno, for that HUGE desire in me to get out of this cramped, loud, sometimes unbareable city. I prayed earlier that week, that the Lord would work on Michael's heart if we were supposed to move to Montana, and if that wasn't what He wanted, that He'd work on mine... well, the work began, and it wasn't so much on Michael's heart as it was on mine..
As we pulled into the firmiliar areas of Fresno, my heart swelled. I don't want to move from this place I call home.
If home is where your heart is, then mine is here for now, becuase of my church and the people I love.

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Emily Bertholic said...

Oh wow, can I relate to this! God did heart surgery on my back in April. My issue wasn't location...it was home schooling. I did NOT want to homeschool, but over the course of a week, God turned my heart around because I asked Him to change my heart if I was supposed to homeschool. =) Isn't awesome to see God in such a real way?