Monday, January 19, 2009

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! HORRAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness. Michael and I have been cleaning/ organzing fools these last two days.. we organzied our office and I cannot even tell you how incrediably excited I am that we have a clean organized office... and i can tell you now, every room, almost every drawer, and every closet and cabinet, is clean and organized... I cannot tell you how happy I feel...


Bourdets said...

I just did this for the first time since we've been here; wow, crazy that is has taken me 7 months to feel like I can finally "nest" and organize.'s also crazy to think we had enough STUFF to organize, we have no clue where it all came from!!

I miss you and your cute house and your sweet doggies. How is Luca, by the way?

RachelRuelas said...

It's awesome to be organized!
Luca is %100! :) He must have just had a 24 flu, he got sick 4 times, took a long nap, and woke up being his same cute self. :) Thanks for asking, I know Mom sent you an email to be praying. Our boy is back to his same ole tricks!