Sunday, March 29, 2009

A few photos I'd Love to share!

That sweet fluffy mutt is Marco ( Michael's brother) and his wife Casey's new dog! They adopted him on Saturday from the Local SPCA, yay for rescuing dogs! He's SUCH a sweet boy, VERY well trained and just all around adorable! :) To celebrate his new life, we all decided that Charley needed to meet his cousins, Lily and Luca, our adorable dogs, and that a trip to the dog park was appropriate! In the photo above, Michael and Marco, are standing in front of our house, getting ready to get in the car to drive to Woodward Park, ie: The dog park!
Mike and I, walking with our dogs, and Marco walking with Charley
The Two Ruelas Brothers, their wives and dogs :) I love this photo!

And this adorable one, is my sweet Sister Karie, she sent this email to our folks and I, this is her " I CANNOT wait to see you in 10 weeks" Photo. She and her husband live in Cambodia, and are returing in 10 weeks! I cannot wait either Karie, I love you!

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