Monday, March 16, 2009

Between now and then, my 101 Things in 1001 Days

101 Things in 1001 Days

Start Date: February 28Th, 2009
End Date: November 26Th 2011
Status: In Progress

The out of doors:
1-Start and maintain a vegetable garden.1/1
2-Participate in a community garden.0/1
3-Climb half dome again.0/1
4-Walk at least 3 times a week w/dogs. 0/143
5- Buy & fly a kite. 0/1
6- Picnic more then 20 times in 1001 days. 2/ 20+
7- Sweep the patio once a week. 3/143
8- See the Grand Canyon

Domestic Goods:
9-Buy a good mop.0/1
10-Mop weekly
11-Go all 1001 days without buying a loaf of bread ( failed... :)
12-Make all my own bread (failed :)

13- Buy a big ole soup pot. 0/1

Things I Should have Done Long Ago:
14-Take Piano Lessons for as long as possible. 4/143
{ I started Monday March 9Th}
15- Get my SLR Camera working and take more photos
16- Send a care package to Karie's kids. 0/1
17- Make a list of my friends favorite things 0/1
18- visit historical monuments on the East Coast and learn more about the history of this country. 0/1
19- get something made with my families plaid.0/1
20- go to a giants game and eat garlic fries.0/1
21- find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.0/1
22- buy a waffle iron
Having Fun:
23-Attend 5 concerts. 0/5
24- Travel with friends to an amusement park. 0/1
25- Send 4 packages to __________. 2/4
-26 Bake cookies for 10 neighbors or friends (0/10)
27- Buy antique Piano Bench for my new piano! (0/1)
28- Get Piano tuned and fixed up
29- Take a book and have a hot drink at the Public House by myself come wintertime.
30- do a puzzle with Michael. 0/1
31- go on 5 weekend trips to new places. 0/5
32-go to Europe.
33- plan a trip to see Scott and Amy
34- Sew a dress! 0/1

Being More Frugal:
35- Spend only this $__ much per week at the grocery store
36- Use only home made laundry soap and dish washing soap
37-Eat out only once a week
38-Starbucks only once a week
39-Pay off the remainder of our credit card debt
40- Learn 10 ways to be more green. 2/10
41- Go one week at a time 5 times, without buying anything but food and gas. 0/5

Wise Things:
42- Go 5 days without saying anything negative. 0/5
43- Give money to ____ .1/1
44- Save Money for & buy a house. 0/1
45-Find 5 ways to save some water. 3/5
46- Turn off lights when they're not needed
47- Use cloths napkins at every meal we're home
48- Donate my time walking for a cause. 0/1
49- practice piano at least 4 days a week
Kind Things:
50-Keep in touch with Donna and Amy
51- Get to know a new Friend. 1/1
52- Leave 20 random notes/ gifts for 20 different people. 0/20
53- Send a card to my cousin Michael for completing his Flight Training. 0/1
54- Host a neighborhood BBQ in the warmer season
55-send flowers to my mom on 4 separate non birthday non mothers day occasions . 0/4
56-give compliments to ten complete strangers. 3/10
57- throw seasonal breakfast's for the ladies in our neighborhood
58- do something kind for the Pastors in my church. 0/2

Personal Goals:
59- perfect a pie crust
60-Have a themed dinner party w/ invitations, decorations, placement cards, party favors ( in progress!)
61- adopt a Cat
62-Read 50 books. 3/50
63- Get down to size __
64- Use weights for arms at least two days a week
65- Take a Tennis Class
66- Eat 2 or more of a fruit and veggie all 1001 days
67- Eat at 10 new restaurants. 1/10

68- Write my lists of memories for each year we've been married
69- come up with 10 healthy new snacks. 0/10
70- Stop using the phrases, " uh-huh, yeah and sure"
71- take a ballet class.
72-learn to drive a stick shift.
73-have 4 girls night for the sisters in our youth group. 0/4
74- Send a letter to my brother. 0/1
75- Have fresh blueberry muffins with my sister at a lake
76- go to Yosemite 10 times. 0/10
77- Visit Donna and Lutz 1/1
78- Frame a photo of Pappa's Flowers and send it to my Grammie. 0/1

Because I love him :

79- Go on 20 creative date nights. 0/20
80- Plan a HUGE party for his birthday each year. 0/3
81- write 20 cards loving and mail them to his office. 0/20
82-dote more :)
83-openly compliment him in front of his friends more
84- buy him 5 random things. 2/5
85- do 10 things He enjoys doing 0/10
86- make his favorite meal 10 times. 0/10
87- plan a camping trip on the coast for the summer. 0/1
88- make him a few totally un healthy breakfast. 0/5
89- stay in the bugs ear in Mendancino again. 0/1
Crafty me!:
90- finish our wedding scrapbook before our 3 year anniversary!
91- Make a quilt! 0/1
92-Make Christmas cards for next two Christmastimes. 0/2
93- Make
this for 5 friends. 2/5
94- Start Etsy store ( 0/1)
95- Make something for Tammy's Griffith and send it
96- Learn to embroider 1/1
97-bake a cake from scratch 1/1
98-Send a care package to The Lesueur Girls. 0/5
99- Fill my button jar. 0/1
100- Buy 100 children's books for my children's library. 10/100
101-finish this list & create a new one!

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