Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today :)

Here's a photo document of our Saturday!
SO...I HAD to redo my LAME yellow lined legal pad 30 days of fitness list becuase Talia, who mind you, has THREE GIRLS,one a new born. had to go and get all cute on us... Let me show you what I've come up with! Of course utalizing my new scrapbooking treasures!

my encouragment!

view of my desk

first day of my fitness journey, hiked 1.5 hrs! YAY ME! I'm starting off great!!!!

On the way back from the hike... Luc was excausted!

falling asleep :) Can't get enough of these boys!

view from the road- Millerton Lake

ugh. the cuteness!

my girl and I! The dogs hiked the whole thing with us! they did GREAT! :)

I am SO happy after a good hike! :)

Well hope your weekends are off to a great start! Take Care! God bless you!

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Talia said...

your chart is ADORABLE!! Isn't it amazing how much more motivating it is to have it all cute?? :)

I love that you put that Scripture right by it. Perfect.