Thursday, July 16, 2009

a budget and a great recipe!

Michael and I have been wanting to really tack down
a new budget. Since we gave up our home and
simplified and moved into a smaller and SO much
cheaper apt. we really wanted to tack down a
budget to really squeeze everything we could
out of our income, and save a TON for a new

We looked through our expenses from
June and we ASTONISHED at how much we spent on
eating out and yes, starbucks.... we have cut
ourselves down on every area on our lives, and
are REALLY trying to be good stewards of God's
Money! We've been using our new found budget
for about 10 days now, and throughout this
process I've felt free... I'm learning that
I really need boundaries as a person. I can't
live without them.

So just a word of advice if you aren't
on a budget, weither married or single, with child
or without, it is a VERY smart decision. My associate
Pastor once said during a sermon on budget, that if
you're not on a budget, you are not being a good
steward of God's money, at first I was offended
and thought, no we're not on a budget but we're not
by any means stupid with our money, and have learned
in our marriage, by mistake and God's grace, to
spend our money wisely. But I knew that offenses
don't come from God, and I really had to search
my heart and came to realize, you really can't be
good and wise with money, unless you are on a budget.
So here we are! :) We have about 1/3 of the dinning out
budget, then we were spending in past months, and it feels

I appreciate things SO much more when I know I only
get a little of it... it's a like a REALLY great friend that
lives out of town. You get to see them and you soak up
every moment, memory, laugh and bit of them you can, because
you know you aren't going to see them everyday like you do
your other friends... :)
There's freedom in wisdom.

And for that recipe... :)
In late December/ early January when my Mom and Michael and I went
on our CA,AZ,UT,MT,NV roadtrip, we stopped down at my Sister
Shelly's house for a few days visit. While we were there my
sister whipped out a hot dip she had made for Christmas...
and I fell in LOVE.It's so simple, delicious,
and just be prepared for MANY who try it,will ask for the recipe! :)

Southwest Dip:

1 Can Whole Kernel Corn- drained
2 (small) cans diced green chilies- drained
2 tbsp diced JalapeƱo
1 cup chopped red bell peppers
1 cup of the following:
Mayo (not low fat), Parmesan Cheese, Monterey Jack Cheese.

Mix all, melt and keep warm in mini crock! Dip goes best
with tortilla chips! Enjoy!


Emily said...

Oh Rach, that dip sounds SO GOOD! I'm going to make it. I think I have all the ingredients now! I'm so excited!

RachelRuelas said...

aw yay! look at you, you prepared lil house wife!! please let me know how you like it!