Sunday, November 14, 2010

"101 Things I wish I knew When I Got Married:"

This is the current book I'm diving into with both feet! I'm not holding anything back! I'm soaking, taking notes, examining... putting a looking glass into the corners of my spirit and heart, and questioning everything.

I highly encourage you to look into this book, and I'm also going to keep up by posting some of my favorite quotes and tidbits from this great book.

side note:
* This is not a " Christian Book" which makes me very Leary to delve in so quickly, but I looked over it before beginning and I feel like a lot of the concepts we went over with our Pastor before we were married, and I know we've been told a lot of these concepts by our Associate Pastor and His wife, when in Post marital counseling. So as a Christian I'm going to read everything in this book, with a biblical filter, and keeping Christ at the forefront of my mind.

Here are a few tidbits!

Things i'm learing from the book, " 101 Things I wish I knew when I got married: simple lessons to make love last"

By Charlie and Linda Bloom

"We are so much more than our emotions."

" Our qualifications are not hanging in the framed certificates on our walls, but rather are the scars and wounds that we have experienced, endured, and subsequently learned and recovered from."

" So it seems to be with marriage: we either learn to grow through the inevitable challenges of a committed partnership, or we risk being broken by them."

"It wasn't the differences the kept getting us in trouble, but our reactions to them."

" Attempting to dissolve our differences hadn't worked, so we began trying instead to meet them with acceptance, gratitude, and appreciation and to see if we could find the hidden gifts in them. We knew at least intellectually, that it was these differences that had drawn us and made us attractive to each other. At the same time, they were the primary source of what triggered out reactive patterns. Thus we discovered that what drove us crazy about each other and what we were crazy about in each other were one and the same thing. The challenge was neither to to try to change the other nor be willing to change for them, but rather to honor our own uniqueness while strengthening the bonds of loving respect between us."

more tidbits to come!

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