Tuesday, March 15, 2011

love list: spring edition (yosemite photos from this past weekend)

"Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So ... get on your way!" - Dr. Seuss

Sometimes there's absolutely nothing better, then writing, to get the things swirling about in your head, out.

bullet point time! :D

  • Tonight: ... is the first Tuesday night I've had off in over 2.5 months. heaven. my laptop, this album playing, and embroidery!
  • Spring: ...gives me such fantastic joy in the core of my being. There's not much better then blooms in almost every knack of the world I live in, and warm sunshine casting it's warmth on my arms and legs, shorts and tanks, chalk on the side walk, later sunsets, campfires, & hiking. ( photos of Yosemite with my Mom from this past weekend included)
  • Life: ...I'm in love with where my life is right now... some of you may think, "?! Rachel, you're going through divorce, your heart is broken, pain comes so naturally these days, your entire life was thrown for a loop dee loop...." I hear you... I do :D but I am a VERY positive person, and I tend to not just see my cup full, but overflowing. I find joy in such very small things in life. and I just really like my life right now. Not I love it. I lovebeing comforted by our gracious heavenly Father, I love having a "2nd chance" to do things right next time, I love that soon, ( June 19th) my life will open up in a way it never has before, and I'll get to make choices and start down a new path. I will get to do life over.
  • Peace: ...my heart, as happy as it is, hurts and longs for reconciliation, comfort, hugs, to be cherished, little ones running about and lots of other things. But I have complete peace about these things. I know the Lord will bless my choices, my obedience and my love for Him, in my future.

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