Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weekend With Sissers

My older, not oldest, Sister Karie came down for a girls weekend in Feb. Can I just tell you how much I needed Sister time?! We ate lots of great food... went to a perfectly charming tea house here in Clovis for High Tea, antique shopping, pizza and crappy Tv night, crafted Valentines day cards here, for FREE I must add. They have a GREAT event they put on often, where you can come and craft for a few dollars. Twee provides all the supplies, you provide the fun. Well for V-day, they paired up with the local homeless shelter, and made it known that if you brought in a new or used blanket, they'd waive the fee! So... my amazing house mate, Katie, had blankets she no longer needed. So my sister Karie and my sister in law Casey and I crafted and made ADORABLE cards for FREEEEESIE! :D Let me just tell you, it took me like 2 hours to make this one card... I just sit and enjoy looking at all the lovely papers, stickers, fabrics, ribbons, listen to people chat, snack, drink... and take LONG hours deciding how I want mine to look and adding tiny details. Nough said, I am absolutly THRILLED with how it turned out and I took supplies home to make more :D

While my sister was here we had a change to take some photos, we both have this lovely camera & any chance we have to use it, and model... of course, we snatch up! So included in this post are photos of our Orchard shots after high tea, and some photos of the weekend... Enjoy! And go drink some

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