Wednesday, February 25, 2009

my life in a nutshell

SO happy to be in Montana!!!!!!!!

Beautiful desert sunset

See what Shelly bought to go around the candle holder you got her? Pretty!!

my hot man driving :)

LOVE old barns! and big creepy trees

Old Wheel.

from the red rocks of Utah and Az

to the white snows :)

flowers for my Pappa:

Arizona, Cheba Hut, my beautiful Mother dinging the Bong

our babies
this car ride during Nov to My Mom's in the Bay area was Luca's first big car ride,
2 hours later he'd thrown up 4 times and lost two teeth.... needless to say, this boy doesn't like to ride in the car... :)

my cute co worker ;)

Not Christmas with the smell of that beautiful tree.

love the lights!


Christmas 08!

Our Happy Luca Boy on a morning walk!

Where's Maldo!? Nov 08, the work of my genius friend Lindsay Janel Bents!

Karie: This one's for you!

Tammy and Russel's Baby shower!

Another Bear shot for you Karie :)


Bourdets said...

Me and my rice miss you and your nutshell. A LOT.

The pics of Christmas made me tear up...but I know this coming Christmas will be all the more special.
The pic of Bear made me laugh, and of your doggie children, too.

I love you loads, and I am sure more than 2 people read your blog ;o)

RachelRuelas said...

lol're hilarious, you and your rice... :)
I miss you!!! I cannot wait to see you! All these photos in some way are for you to see! I have more :)
I'll be posting them soon! Love you sister