Saturday, February 28, 2009

Photos of my home

Luca and Pappa hanging out :)

current pier one purchases:
box of matches with a bird on them, pier
one taunts me with all their adorable bird

egg soaps and bird dish

napkin holders!

roses from valentines day :)

my babies
the french board in my kitchen, holds recipes
for the up coming week, or notes or coupons

my counters, I love jars with things in them.

Bought these two cute blue jars at Grandpa's
Place. I really like blue jars

back of the toilet in the guest bath, bought this
cute book at Grandpa's place, it's called
" The Adventure of Shells"
Loved it.
my birds have 7 eggs in their nest currently.
i'm on edge waiting for a tiny bird to appear!
my husband gave me this at lunch today :)

our home

market flowers= such a happy rach

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