Monday, January 11, 2010

Love is the way the Truth the Life.

I CANNOT get enough of this song by Brandon Heath, grove shark it my friends... have tissue near by.

"Love Never Fails"
by: Brandon Heath

Love is not proud
Love does not boast
Love after all
Matters the most

Love does not run
Love does not hide
Love does not keep
Locked inside

Love is the river that flows through
Love never fails you

Love will sustain
Love will provide
Love will not cease
At the end of time

Love will protect
Love always hopes
Love still believes
When you don’t

Love is the arms that are holding you
Love never fails you

When my heart won’t make a sound
When I can’t turn back around
When the sky is falling down
Nothing is greater than this
Greater than this

Love is right here
Love is alive
Love is the way
The truth the life

Love is the river than flows through
Love is the arms that are holding you
Love is the place you will fly to
Love never fails you

I've been having a very difficult time lately with my husband, I'll be really frank, I've had zero to little patience with him in certain areas, because in my mind, when certain things happen, I think " Really!? Haven't we talked about this?! Haven't you learned yet?!" I rarely nag, and REALLY try not to say things in a tone that isn't acceptable. I try to say things in Love. This song really touched my heart, and helped to put things in to perspective... isn't that what life is all about? Seeing things for what they really are? Is is that big of a deal that my husband forgets things? Sometimes yes, but I don't need to be so harsh about it, he is human. And when did I become so perfect? I didn't...

I remeber early in our marriage my husband forgot to put away the jug of milk, left it out all day... and gave him a hard time about it, and in my heart I was frustrated. Thinking, " How can you do something like that?!" making a molehill into a mountain! Well folks, God has a funny way of teaching us things in funny ways. Guess who left the newly purchased jug of milk out the next day!? ALL DAY?! You guess it! Me!!!!

So ladies, when your husband seems to have made the BIGGEST mistake, or forget the most important of things, or leave the milk jug out, have a little grace.. I mean, is it REALLY that big of a deal?! Our husbands work so hard, I know they do, especially mine... and my words hurt him so much when I speak of my disapointment in Him, and my hurt, because of the things He does or doesn't do. I love my husband so much, He really tries to hard to be everything the Lord expects and ask of Him as my husband, but everyone sins and fails... I pray the Lord grants me grace to have more patience, and above all more love.

"Love always hopes
Love still believes
When you don’t.."

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Brooklyn said...

This is beautiful Rachel. Amazing words of wisdom and I laughed out loud at my desk when you said you left the milk out! GOD IS GOOD...and has a GREAT sense of humour;)