Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We are STOKED!

Our church and it's members do a GREAT job of spread good news of great products, and ways to cut costs and live better! Tonight our Church secretary, and friend, Andrea shared with us about t & d willey farms in Madera, a town just north of Fresno. They are a local all organic farm, the have a monthly program, a co-op. For just $60 a month, you receive, a box of 6-8 units of fresh organic produce, from a close pick up location.

So I told Michael about it, and we both got really excited! I jumped onto the computer after we arrived home, and we check it out, and both happily agreed to sign up! :) So tomorrow, since it's past working hours, I Will call and begin our first real step on the path to eating organically! I cannot wait to pick up my first box tomorrow afternoon! I will post photos and let you know about the produce!

Andrea explained one of the reasons she loves this way of buying, and it made PERFECT sense. Your box is filled with whatever is in season, and God knew, when He created the lovely fruits and veggies in each season, that they fill a specific purpose, for your body. Ie: Fruits and veggies in the winter have high amounts of Viamin D, which is something you get LOADS of in the summer from the sun, but the sun isn't around as much in the winter, therefore you need more of it in your diet.

I cannot wait to report back to you all, how we like it!


Emily said...

You lucky girl! That's one of the real perks of living in California. All that's growing here right now is cotton and soybeans. Enjoy your delicious produce, and post pictures of your first box!

RachelRuelas said...

I will Em. I really do appreciate living where all the produce comes from! I lived in Montana where the produce is small and REALLY expensive, non organic... so I totally understand it. I will post photos!