Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco De Mayo!

top ten favorite memories from yesterday!

1.) I was off yesterday and was also a TOTAL lazy bum, when my hub asked me what i did yesterday, this was ALL i could come up with, dishes, gym for 15min, dog park... ALL DAY! lovely!
2.) Wednesday nights we have a bible study with a lot of lovely people and God really spoke to my husband and I.
3.) amazing mexican food at a place around the corner called Kings House, really called Casa Corona but that just sounds lame ;)
4.) The fact that even though we didn't get to the restaurant till 5:20 ish, we got in, ate, so unhealthy, but it's ok :) and got out and to bible study promptly at 6:59pm :)
5.) one word: Guacamole!
6.) talking about having kids over dinner with my husband... it's just thrilling thinking about having a family!!!
7.) The weather, we're in CA and it's brilliantly beautiful here in Spring.
8.) making Yarn dolls with the little girls at bible study!
9.) Having a heart to heart with my dear friend, crying, and being honest.
10.) Last but certainly NOT least, eating ice cream with my man, watching community.
Great Cinco De Mayo!
I rest my case.

I'd LOVE to hear yours! Please post!

Have a great night!!
Rachel Ruelas

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