Friday, August 26, 2011

litterally....dancing the night away.

The evidence

Pictured: Nic, Kendall (front) Christian ( back), me, Gaston, my girl, Jackie, and our boss and friend, Casey.

I love these folks....

Gaston and Nic.
Two of my favorite people to work with are moving away to college.
It's with sadness that I bid them farewell.
We had a blast doing it though :)
We met for sushi and dancing at a local fantastic lil shack called Roe.
Amazing Sushi. Fantastic friends, not just co workers, speeches, high heels, giddy childish goofy fun.
I love my life.
my friends and I danced till 1230am.
dancing frees me.
brings me back to earth.


Karie Ann said...

Zumba is helping me feel more comfortable with free lance dancing. Do you find yourself doing any Zumba moves? :o)

RachelRuelas said...

yes!!! I totally do zumba type moves sometimes!! I love zumba!! I can't WAIT till you are free to dance. I hope that a beer and a visit from long lost sister in a week and a half will bring that out in ya?!