Friday, August 26, 2011

Why I kicked FB to zee curb

<p>I got rid of my Facebook Thursday night. </p>
<p>God really broke me @ my young adults bible study. He made it very clear to me, that I am taking by force, through fb, that which he wants to give me, by His loving grace, in His perfect timing. <br>
It really, for me, in my Christian walk, comes down to trust. <br>
Through fb I sought comfort from others, adoration, approval, love, a sense of control...the list goes on.</p>
<p>So did I trust God enough to let go of that, and say, "You supply my hearts deepest needs. You only can satisfy my longings. I can no longer look for that in Facebook. I trust you."
I do. I know my Lord. He is a good good God. He is faithful when I am not. He that is in me is greater than I ever hope to be. He is my great provider. My healer, my help in times of need. My beauty. My love.

I will trust only in you Lord Jesus.

For your ultimate glory.

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