Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I heart Organic!

Tonight, I did one of my favorite things EVER! Go to Trader Joes and buy organic!!! Something about buying Organic, and I know some of it is mental, but I JUST adore it, I feel better about myself. Michael doesn't understand why in the world I adore organic... I try and explain to him, like I know what I'm talking about in order to encourage him to buy the food I put in the cart...
I tell him things like " They aren't grown with the pesticides that cause cancer" " It makes you feel better!"

I really try.
but I did make it out of there with $33 with mostly organic products with I am very pleased with!

Enjoy your Wednesday night and buy organic!


Bourdets said...

I LOVE those stumpy carrots...they taste SO MUCH BETTER. I am glad you are buying organic. The other day I just told Brian that when we get home, I really want to work on buying "whole" foods, straight from the earth. The processed stuff sure isn't worth how it makes you feel.


RachelRuelas said...

True dat! I hope some day we can buy entirely organic! And natural foods, we don't buy a lot of processed foods, so that we're good on. But yes, I really wanna buy ALL organic