Friday, October 24, 2008

Lovely Fall Evening!

Tonight was a lovely night! My husband Michael got home around 8:30pm and we jetted off to Traget, putzed around, I pick out this lovely new color, I am always drawn to reds, I told myself tonight when I was thinking of getting new nail polish that I would pick something else but red…

but alas:

so after target I really got the hankerin for some frozen yougurt, so I whipped out my handy dandy cellular telephone and text ” Frozen Yougurt Fresno CA” to google. It showed a few results, so I called the first one. A nice girl answered the phone and told me where to come to find the goods. So we ventured into N. Fresno and found this wonderful hidden treausre called Yodigity. No joke. So as we’re approaching this lovely new place, we see that there really isn’t a counter, and the frozen yougurt is againts the wall, in the middle of the <>

store! and JUST parelle to that is ALL SORTS of toppings in despensers! OH WHAT JOY! The nice yougurt girl, seeing the stunned looks on our faces and the drool dripping from the courners of our mouths, proceeded to explain the process. You just grab a cup, two sizes, both HUGE, fill up with yougurt, and toppins! WOW!

It’s 44′ cents an ounce, and me being me. I got a $6.50 cup of yougurt. Oh yea, and i’m PROUD of it!

I put my toppins on the bottoms, and then put yougurt and hot fudge on it! OH YEAH BABY!!!



cookie dough

brownie chunks!

and I can tell you, after eating ALL of it, I feel like making some of my own chunks.

And it was so fun.. Michael and I were like little school children, I had the hardest time deciding what to put on. We left there with a $10 bill and only two cups of yougurt, but come on! For that much fun and delicious proceced sugar! It was SO WORTH IT!

I am warm, in my new sweat pants with shiny flowers on them, in the comfort my own home, with only the sound of the birds chirping and my lap top keys a clicking!

Sleep well fellow sugar lovers


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