Friday, November 28, 2008

What a wonderful day!

We didn't have much planned for Thanksgiving, we had toyed with the idea of going two hours north to Michael's family's Ranch, but decided against going anywhere farther then just down the street. Plus they were serving goat, instead of Turkey, and he and I both REALLY wanted Traditonal Thanksgiving grub. So at church on Tuesday night, I was talking to my Associate Pastor's wife about how we weren't doing anything for Thanksgiving, and she said, " But I thought you were going to your husband's families house?!"
After telling her why we weren't, she got so excited and said, " Do you guys want to come to our house!? It's going to be packed, but we'd love to have you! I was going to invite you but you said you were going to the Ranch!"
So we excitidely accepted, and offered to bring mashed potatoes.

So we made ten lbs of mashed potatoes, and went over around 1:20pm, we were warmly welcomed and felt right at home. Dinner was ready about 30 minutes later, but before we sat down, we all stood in the living room and held hands, and Thanked God for all the Things He has done. Then we went around and said what we are thankful for, I said " Being here, and two years of marriage" :)
Every other adult, things about how wonderful it was to be there, how it felt like family, how it was going to be a lonely thanksgiving, but look what God provided...
What a wonderful way to start the day!
Dinner was AMAZING, Turkey, Ham, Taters, green bean cassarole, rolls, sweet potatoes, two kinds of stuffing, corn, gravy, and Cranberry Sauce... all so amazing.
I sat at their long table eating, and just looked around, I felt so warm and loved. My pastor said over and over again through out the day how much he loved us, how thankful he was Michael married me, and how thankful he was to have us at his home. I love andy and sondra... They're amazing.
I wanted to cry.

Then we played games, had wonderful pie and cheesecake, cookies and coffee, nuts, and soda. It was amazing.

We didn't leave till almost midnight :) what a memory!

I am thankful!


Emily Bertholic said...

Sounds like a fantastic day! =)
What's the latest on Brian and Karie? I've been praying.

RachelRuelas said...

Aw thanks for reminding me! I will post something now :)