Monday, November 3, 2008

The white hook is in our guest bathroom!

I switched the curtains from our room to the living room and vise versa

my new key rack!

my old one!

Jessica and Trace:


The invites I made for Casey's Bachlorette Shower!

Dinner with Scott,Amy,Aleks,and Rachael.

This awesome little covered wooden plate was found at the Thrift store for $5!

No dinner is complete without appetizers!

And favors! I tried out my new skill: Calligraphy!


Amy Beth Wohlgemuth said...

This was such a lovely dinner! Remember that game at my tutu party where I had to give each person a nickname? :) You're a great hostess Rachel.

Lydia said...

well your dinner looks like it was fabulous! I love the favors.
plus that white bathroom hook is so vintage and cute!

RachelRuelas said...

I do remember that game Amy Beth! Why do you bring it up?

Thank you Lydia! I love hosting! :) and Yes i love that vintage hook, it's lovely, got it for my wedding.