Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Love List: November

#1: Nothing warms me and my throat
like a lovely cup of tea.

#2: Friends, this time of year is a wonderful
time to have friends over and enjoy going
to coffee on a cold evening with a friend.

#3 Fabric Stores/ Fabric: I was in Joanne's yesterday
picking out the fabric for the Christmas gifts I'm making
this year and it really excited me!
#4: The fact that Christmas is just around the corner
if you know me well, or want to know me better, you'll
know/learn that I absolutly am CRAZY about Christmas,
Morgan, I totally LOVE that you're putting your tree up
next week... that's just lovely. :)

#5: Dresses, with boots, tights and a cute coat, what
would be more fall like!?

#6: House Slippers: I love them so much, i'll give you a
cute example: Tonight I was getting dinner ready and my husband
walked in and demanded I take off my shoes, he put my slippers
down and told me he didn't want my feet to get cold :)
He knows how much I love them, what a wonderful husband I have!

#7: Soft Thick Quilts/ Blankets: Need I say more?

#8: Starbucks has a new drink out this season, and I'm
hooked! Truffle Espresso. Try it.

#9: Stockings/ Tights, SO FALL! So cute!

#10: Hats. I boughts a neat hat at Ross a few days ago
it's tweed, rail road(ish) and I love it, I'm not usually a hat
person, but I'm trying, thanks to Amy Beth who wears hats
often, and beautifully.

#11 Boots: I SO long for a cute pair of flat boots
Post your own love list for November! I would LOVE to see what everyone favors in this lovely fall month!

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